Professor Nalova Lyonga, the Minister of Secondary Education says the “Clean School” concept, instituted a year ago is well on course with achievements visible in many secondary schools and colleges across the country. The Minister made the remark last Thursday during an audience she granted to a senior HomeBiogas official from Israel, Lior Magal, in her cabinet.

With schools reopening just around the corner, Professor Nalova Lyonga said the HomeBiogas Education for Green School Initiative will not only serve as a perfect moment for teachers and students to get abreast with the project but provide an opportunity to link schools and communities. The audience equally served as an occasion for the Minister and her guest to visit the green yard of the ministry and get first-hand knowledge on how the system works. Down the basement of the Ministry of Secondary Education where the biogas system is set up, Professor Nalova Lyonga and Lior Magal witnessed the various stages in the production of biogas. She saluted efforts made so far to keep the “Clean School» concept alive, one year after it’s birth.

Lior Magal, the Sales and   Distribution Agent of HomeBiogas, speaking at the audience, said his institution is an innovative technology that creates the opportunity to engage, learn and cultivate knowledge, empowering the next generation to make a meaningful impact.

“HOMEBIOGAS EDUCATION is a program that brings the HomeBiogas technology to schools around the world. The sharing of knowledge is what inspired the founding of our company in 2012. We travelled around the world to see biodigesters used in traditional settings and we were inspired to create a biodigester which is affordable, accessible and available. Today, as we expand and deploy the HomeBiogas biodigester around the world, the value of education and knowledge sharing remains at the heart of our work “. Lior stated that with the use of biodigesters in schools, students will experience the real-life upcycling of their waste into energy for cooking and fertilizer for growing plants. HomeBiogas will provide a useful and practical technological solution, and at the same time will serve as an educational tool.

While proposing a 1-year timeline for implementing the HomeBiogas Education Program in Cameroon as part of the Green School Initiative to occur in three phases, Magal stipulated that HomeBiogas offers the education toolkit which provides teachers and educators guidance and material to be integrated into their lessons and curriculum.

Before Thursday’s audience, Nalova Lyonga chaired an event during which she distributed biogas equipment to some schools. Outstanding actors in the sector, she disclosed deserved to be hailed for successfully imparting the concept in the mind and body of the learners as well as within the environment where they evolve in their quest for knowledge. It is equally an opportunity to bring in new stakeholders to continue helping the Ministry of Secondary Education translate this concept into concrete acts.