MINESEC Hosts The Brain Behind The HomeBiogas Technology

Yair Teller’s two-day visit to Cameroon from 21 to 23 October 2019 will boost the full scale implementation of the Clean School philosophy as far as waste treatment is concerned.

The founder of the environmentally-friendly waste treatment technology, known as the HomeBiogas, was given a red-carpet welcome for his maiden visit to Cameroon by the Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Nalova Lyonga assisted by Boniface Bayaola, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education in charge of teacher training, and other high ranking officials of the Ministry of Secondary Education.

Yair Teller, the Israeli water biologist, founder and chief scientist of the HomeBiogas Company, came to Cameroon not only to appraise the use of his invention after a three-month experimentation period, but to pave the way forward on how to familiarize young Cameroonians with this game-changing device as well.

This entailed an assessment of the best HomeBiogas implementation methods so as to ensure its sustainable operation. Equally, this visit sought to guarantee a smooth transfer of the knowledge on this technology through the integration of HomeBiogas teaching modules in the curricula of secondary schools. The end objective being to equip learners with a lasting knowledge on waste management which later on will bring about sustainable forest and water management, green agriculture, clean environment, improved health and sanitation, and foster the use of clean and renewable energies among others.

For his first-ever visit to Cameroon, Yair Teller brought along the biotoilet module which is a new component that connects classical toilets to existing biodigesters in order to treat human waste. This new component will be experienced in the Government Technical and Industrial College for Girls (better known under its French acronym as CETIF) which was handed over the HomeBiogas kits 2.0.

The plant proceeds organic, animal as well as human waste so to release and transform the solar energy trapped therein into gas and liquid fertilizer. Henceforth, the HomeBiogas technology urges us to change our mindset and integrate the idea of the usefulness of waste.

The HomeBiogas has found favour with the Minister of Secondary Education and is much acclaimed not only because it aligns with the Clean School philosophy under implementation in the ministry since 2017, but also because it echoes the competency-based approach. As a matter of fact, the operation of the device is a concrete example of the perfect blends between theory and practice. It promotes learning through practice while helping to digest and practise what is learnt, as shown by Yair Teller during his outdoor lecture at Government Bilingual High School Nkol-Eton on the practical demonstration of the HomeBiogas system.

Hailing the support of the State of Israel through its ambassador to Cameroon in this stride, Minister Nalova Lyonga welcomes with much appreciation and admiration the Israeli scientist whose invention has come to provide the human civilization with a sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution in the management of its main byproduct: waste.

Aimé Ngidjol / Celcom