2020/2021 SCHOOL YEAR

Professor Nalova Lyonga sets the ball rolling at Mbalmayo

After touring 5 schools in the Nyong-and-So’o Division to ascertain the effective kick-off of classes, the 2020/2021 school year was officially launched at the Government Bilingual High School Mbalmayo.

Led by the Centre Region Governor, Naseri Paul Bea, the Minister of Secondary Education, in the company of Boniface Bayaola, Secratary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education in charge of teacher’s training (SEESEN), undertook a visit to the Nyong-and-So’o Dividion on 5 October 2020, to ascertain the effective resumption of classes for the 2020/2021 school year. All high-ranking officials and directors of the Ministry were equally part of the huge delegation.

Blessed with a clear morning weather, the ministerial delegation went round five (5) schools in the city of Mbalmayo including, Government Teacher’s Training College Mbalmayo, Government High School Mbalmayo Oyack, Government Technical High School Mbalmayo, Mary Sacred Heart College and Government Bilingual High School Mbalmayo. Everywhere, teachers were found in classes delivering lessons to students with keen respect for Government prescriptions regarding social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

In all the classes visited, Secondary Education boss emphasized on hygiene and sanitation both within and without classrooms and advised in length on the correct wearing of face masks. The Minister could find no praise great enough for Mary Sacred Heart College where the Clean School vision is wonderfully implemented.

School visits ended at Government Bilingual High School Mbalmayo with the official launching of the 2020/2021 school year under the theme “Teachers, Students and Parents all together amidst COVID-19: Instituting an new paradigm”. Acknowledging the momentous start of the school year, Prof Nalova Lyonga recognised and saluted teachers for having given up merry-making that usually characterises their day, to commit to leading the nation at a very peculiar time.

The main specificity being the use of the mix teaching mode which blends face-to-face classes and distance education. The Minister explained the shift system and the place of distance education in harmonizing it all. She called on parents to join the digital-based pedagogic revolution at work in the MINESEC by acquainting themselves with ICTs owing to the key role these tools are expected to play in teaching and the bringing up of children.