Taking stock and paving the way forward

Review of the digital payment process, advancement of Academy project, and the improvement of the video surveillance system in schools were top on the agenda.

  The Africa’s telecommunications giant and the Cameroon’s Ministry of Secondary Education reviewed their long-standing partnership during an audience held in the Conference room of the Ministry of Secondary Education on Thursday, 21 January 2021.

The progress meeting chaired by Prof Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, in the presence of Stephen Blewett, CEO of MTN-Cameroon, was an opportunity for both institutions to make an appraisal of their partnership and brainstorm on new avenues.

While acknowledging the positive yields of the venture with MTN-Cameroon in improving Cameroon’s Secondary Education system, the Minister of Secondary Education, however underscored some loopholes that needed to be filled. These include the hacking of the digital payment process, reluctance of schools to connect to the Academy project.