visit of Yair TELLER

The Minister of Secondary Education offers a red carpet welcome to the Founder of the HomeBiogas Plant.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 will go down memory lane as the Minister of Secondary Education Professor Nalova Lyonga welcomed the founder of the HomeBiogas plant, Israeli born Yair TELLER.

The ceremony which took place in the premises of Government Bilingual High School, Nkol-Eton, Yaounde saw a massive turnout of the education community made up of students and teachers, education officials as well as special guests from Cameroon and Israel.

Education stakeholders and partners present were treated to a lecture on this scientific innovation from the brain behind theHomeBiogas project, Yair TELLER. He edified those present on the raison d’être of the HomeBiogas Unit and the sustainable management of household waste. A demonstration on how it functions was also done.

Noting from the lecture, all household waste, including animal dunk is transformed into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer. Bacteria breaks down organic waste in a naturally occurring process, and the HomeBiogas Kit stores and harnesses the energy created for use thereby making waste useful. While producing clean energy for kitchen use, high quality liquid fertilizer for growing vegetables and other crops is gotten in the process.


Another innovation was the Bio Toilet Accessory. This accessory treats toilet waste and produces cooking gas at the same time. This is achieved by connecting the Bio Toilet Accessory to the HomeBiogas system. Again, a new form of sanitation and energy solution is provided.

The specificities of the HomeBiogas kit were outlined. Not only is it environmentally friendly but sanitation is improved. The infrastructure is light, comes in a small box, there is no need for deep digging and the set-up time is just an hour and not forgetting the fifteen-year(15) guarantee it possesses.

However, precaution needs to be taken with the amount of waste fed into the equipment for transformation. The right quantities at a time and with the expertise of a maintenance engineer will guarantee its longevity.

Students from the pilot institutions hosting the HomeBiogas project were also given the opportunity to showcase the knowledge they had acquired so far. With its implementation in the school curricula of sciences students, studies are made less theoretical but more practical.

This lecture was crowned by a practical demonstration of the use of the HomeBiogas kit and the liquid fertiliser acquired from the waste management process. Professor Nalova Lyonga and her guests participated in the practical lesson of planting vegetables in the garden where this fertilizer was sprayed.

On the same occasion, a full HomeBiogas Kit 2.0 was donated to the Girls’ Technical and Industrial College, (CETIF) Yaounde.

It is important to note here that, this activity has come to boost the Green/Clean School initiative instituted by Professor Nalova Lyonga upon taking up office at the helm of the Ministry of Secondary Education two (02) years ago.

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