Contracts awarded to enterprises with deceitful maneuvers are on the verge of cancellation.

The Minister of Secondary Education, assisted by the Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education in charge of teacher training, chaired a follow-up meeting on Wednesday, 30 October 2019. This meeting aimed to assess the implementation of the resolutions adopted during the cabinet meeting of the 24 September on the advancement of works on the construction sites of government technical schools in Maroua and Nsam.

A sad and alarming state of affairs emerges from the exchange between Professor Nalova Lyonga and the enterprises awarded construction contracts of major technical high schools in Maroua, Nsam and Ombe with the financial support of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). These contractors have failed to meet the various datelines and commitments taken during the evaluation meeting of 24 September 2019.

Specifically, works on the construction site of Government Technical High School Maroua are at a standstill since the contractor, HYTRA SA, has gone bankrupt and is financially self-unsustainable to proceed with works while waiting for the disbursement of project funds. The situation is similar on the construction site of Government Technical High School Ombe, where the contractor has just resumed works after a long slumber attributable to their financial unsustainability.

Though advancing at a low pace, works on the construction site of Government Technical and Industrial Secondary School Nsam are being carried forward by the contractor, DPE INTER. Despite the slight delay, the contractor needs a boost so to catch-up with the work execution schedule.

Faced with this bad state of affairs, Professor Nalova Lyonga, opined that the contracts awarded to deceitful enterprises be cancelled. In this vein, the Department of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Secondary Education has been assigned to have a second reading of these contracts so as to see how possible the cancellation process can be set rolling, with due respect for the practice and procedures of the funding partner.

By Aimé Ngidjol/CELCOM

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