The credibility of exams preserved with the identification of culprits

During a 10-minute statement to national and international media on 17 August 2020, the Minister of Secondary Education, Prof NalovaLyonga, assisted by the Secretary of State in charge of teacher’s training, Boniface Bayaola, presented the findings of the Administrative Commission of Enquiry set up to identify the source and authors of leakages that marred the smooth organization of the 2020 session of the General Baccalaureat examinations.

It emerges that, seven (07) members of staffof the Office du Baccalaureat du Cameroun are found guilty of negligence, leakage and tacit consent in leaking examinations papers in Physique, Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre and Chimiesubjects in C, D and TISeries.

Among the culprits are three (03) High School teachers serving in the Reprographic Services, the Service Head included, one (01) contract worker and three (03) foremen. They have been slammed three-month suspension and other disciplinary sanctions as provided for in the staff regulations of the Office du Baccalaureat du Cameroun, for their obnoxious offences. These sanctions shall be enforced by both the Director of Human Resources of the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC) and the Directorof the Office du Baccalaureat du Cameroun, at their respective levels of competence.

From 28 July to 17 August 2020, the Administrative Commission of Enquiry successfully conducted its work under the insightful chairmanship of Prof Fabien Nkot, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Secondary Education. The Commission equally capitalised on the collaboration of the Judicial Police Department, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (CONAC) and the National Agency for Information and Communication Technologies (ANTIC).

Prof NalovaLyonga, as the advocate of the Clean School paradigm,cautioned it should be the last time the conference room of MINESEC serves for discussing odious cases, because she identifies it only with light and nice events.

This presentation equally gave the Minister of Secondary Education the opportunity to reassure the national and international community that, the credibility of 2020 session of the General Baccalaureat examinations has been preserved, thanks to the appropriate and timely responses provided by the Government of the Republic.

Ending her presentation, Prof NalovaLyongaacknowledged the frank collaboration enjoyed from the Secretary of State in the management of this case, and further hailed the Secretary-General and his Commission for theircommendable results.

Aimé Ngidjol