MINESEC : The Inspector-General of Services Takes Command

The Inspector-General of Services Takes Command

AKAT Fidelis ETTA was officially installed on 9 February 2021 by Professor Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary, in the presence of Boniface Bayaola, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education in charge of Teacher Training.

The installation ceremony which took place in the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Secondary Education “Block B” gave the Secondary Education boss another opportunity to urge all education stakeholders to put hand on deck to safeguard education standards in the Ministry of Secondary Education.

After paying heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing Inspector-General of Services, Mr Souley Daouda for the laudable services rendered to Secondary Education as a whole, the Minister proceeded with congratulating Mr Akat Fidelis Etta on the presidential trust bestowed onto him.

Further, the Minister reminded the appointee of the uphill task awaiting him; he is expected to handle duties so demanding that, he should be constantly on the alert to ensure that everything goes on well in our schools, and that the mischievous behaviours rampant in there are put on check.

Specifically, the Inspector-General of Services would have to educate major education stakeholders on their respective duties, making sure each and everyone understands what actually is expected from them, and that they all abide by the rules and regulations in force for the smooth operation of schools.

For the records, Mr Akat Fidelis Etta hails from the Manyu Division in the Southwest Region. He is a super scale high school teacher and was Inspector of Services no. 2 in the Ministry of Secondary Education before his appointment on 16 December 2020.

In his interview with the media, the newly installed Inspector-General of Services took the commitment to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that all “hierarchical instructions are fully respected” in our schools.

Aimé Ngidjol, Senior Staff/Celcom