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The Ministry of Secondary Education shall be under the authority of a Minister, who shall be assisted by a Secretary of State.

The Minister of Secondary Education  shall be responsible for designing, implementing and evaluating government policy in the area of general secondary, technical and teacher training.

In this respect, he/she shall be responsible for:

    • the organisation and functioning of general secondary, technical and teacher training;
    • preparing curricula and research on teaching methods for general secondary and technical education  and the control on their implementation;
    • the moral, civic and intellectual training of general secondary and technical education students;
    • the development, follow-up and implementation of the school mapping of this type of education;
    • the follow-up and control of the administrative and pedagogic management of government and private educational institutions;
    • designing norms and standards, and controlling their application;
    • educational counselling and planning;
    • the textbook policy for this level of education;
    • the in-service training of teachers, he/she respect in of the duties assigned to other Ministers in this respect;
    • liaison with UNESCO for matters in his/her area of competence.

He/She shall supervise the Office du Baccalauréat du Cameroun (O B C) and the General Certificate of Education Board ( GCE-Board).

In the discharge of these duties, the Minister of Secondary Education shall have:

    • private secretariats;
    • three (3) Technical Advisers;
    • an Inspectorate-General of Services;
    • an Inspectorate-General of Education;
    • a Central Administration;
    • external services;
    • Secondary Education institutions; and
    • Advisory Bodies, for this type and level of education.

Under the authority of a Private Secretary, the Private Secretariats shall be responsible for the private affairs of the Minister.

Technical Advisers shall perform any duties assigned to them by the Minister or by Secretary State.


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