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                                                            THE TEACHING OF FRENCH LANGUAGE

Cameroon partners with France to Revamp the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language in Secondary Education.


It is the essence of the partnership convention signed on 5 January 2022 in Yaounde.

His Excellency Christophe Guilhou, French Ambassador to Cameroon and Professor Nalova Lyonga, Cameroon’s Minister of Secondary Education formalised the partnership Convention relating to the teaching of French to English-speaking teachers of Cameroon. The ceremony took place in Yaounde on 5 January 2022 under the keen eyes of His Excellency Lejeune Mbella Mbella, Cameroon’s Minister of External Relations.


Through this two-year partnership Convention, France commits to provide the adequate financial support and expertise needed to train teachers of French in Secondary Education, so that they will be able to better teach learners of French as a foreign or second language.

The convention which will be implemented within the framework of the PROFLE+ Distance Learning Programme is a skills development programme to be achieved by means of home-based in-service training. The target is to ease the mastery and perfect use of quality French in Secondary Education, all of which will consolidate English and French official Bilingualism. Our training of trainers shall enforce national unity and cohesion as the three speakers rightly reminded the audience of.


The Minister of Secondary Education asked: do we want to be the pinnacle of languages in Central Africa or not? Professor Lyonga thanked the Head of State for giving her full powers to sign on behalf of Cameroon in this programme where “training of trainers” is undertaken by the native speakers.

Aimé Ngidjol


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