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The tricks and intricacies of Distance Education mastered just in 3 months at Government Bilingual High School Evodoula.


This is the general observation made by Prof Nalova Lyonga on 15 March 2022, during a working visit at Government Bilingual High School Evodoula (GBHS Evodoula) in the Lekie Division, Centre Region. This was in the company of Boniface Bayaola, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education in charge of Teacher Training. GBHS Evodoula boasts of a brighter look today following its renovation by the Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC). With this students’ interest in Distance Education keeps increasing as they enjoy their new learning environment.

On 10 November 2021, GBHS Evodoula which is located some sixty kilometres away from Yaounde was officially handed over to the Ministry of Secondary Education following months of refurbishment works supported by the CERAC, under the distinguished Patronage of Madam Chantal Biya, the First Lady of Cameroon.

Not only was the school infrastructure fully renovated, but the school was equally fitted up with sturdy educational technological equipment to provide students with a learning environment conducive for Distance Education.


Though located in a semi-rural area, GBHS Evodoula has taken a quantum leap into Distance Education thanks to the consignment of computers received together with a self-sustainable power supply system installed on the campus. The power supply system is rechargeable on solar power kit as well as on traditional power grid.


With this news infrastructure for Distance Education, GBHS Evodoula successfully attended its maiden distance learning experience during the revision sessions organised by the Distance Education Centre in December 2021. 4b

Since then, the officials of the school indicate that students are more interested in learning and focussed with Distance Education than with in-presence teaching. Officials at the Distance Education Centre confirm that the participation rate of GBHS Evodoula in distance education sessions is ever increasing. The responsible handling of the equipment as witnessed during the visit testifies of the care and commitment of the school to further promote Distance Education in the area.


It is important to recall that, before November 10 2021, GBHS Evodoula was a shadow of a modern school worthy of the name. With totally dilapidated classrooms and sanitation facilities, a muddy and dusty playground depending on the season, GBHS Evodoula offered a bleak picture of what a learning environment should be in the 21st Century.

                                                                                                                                                  By A. Ngidjol


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