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18 01 2023 0 DECC EXAM

The New Way of Doing Exams in MINESEC

The Department of Examinations and Certification (DECC) in the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC) unveiled the new tool for the digital registration of applications for examinations under its supervision, during a seminar held at the Distance Education Centre, on 18 January 2023.

18 01 2023 1 DECC EXAM

The software known as SPIDER COMPIL is the digital tool designed by DECC to fast-track and improve the registration process of data useful for the smooth and reliable organisation of examinations under its supervision. With this, MINESEC aims to upgrade the evaluation system so as to raise the credibility of its diplomas and certificates.

The seminar chaired by Prof Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, brought together DECC officials and all the parties involved in exams registration at the regional, divisional and school levels. They followed the proceedings live by video conference.

As indicated by Dr Shewa Madelienne, Director of Examinations and Certification in the Ministry of Secondary Education, the stakeholders who have been working with this tool for a few months now needed to be drilled on the improvements made on its eleven (11) functionalities for an appropriate handling of the process.

Moussa Soulé, Sub-Director in charge of the organisation of exams at DECC, gave an in-depth overview of the software and the registration process. He highlighted the stakes and challenges ensuing from the digital processing of applications for DECC examinations.

18 01 2023 2 DECC EXAM

Henceforth, inaccurate civil status documents, red tape, loss of files, inappropriate attachment of schools to accommodation centres, duplicates resulting from multiple registrations, poor financial accountability are some of the issues the software has been designed to properly address.

Concerned with the successful implementation of the process, the Minister keenly listened to worries raised by the participants and gave appropriate guidelines on how to meet some of the critical needs. She further required DECC officials to provide the software in both English and French languages so as to remain consistent with the official bilingualism policy.

“MINESEC is already preparing for its exams. We want everyone’s hands on deck in a very positive way. We want the result to be as good as they could be”. Prof Nalova Lyonga said in her final remarks.

Aimé Ngidjol

Senior Staff/CELCOM

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