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National Week of Bilingualism 2023

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National Week of Bilingualism 2023

30th January 2023, Mbandjock wakes up to a new dawn in the mastery of the two Official Languages.

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Weeklong activities marking the celebration of the 18thedition of the National Week of Bilingualism have been launched in Mbandjock, Upper Sanaga Division of the Centre Region.Chaired by the Secretary of State in charge of Teachers’ Training in the Ministry of Secondary Education,Boniface BAYAOLA accompanied by the Secretary-General of the Centre Region, personal representative of the Governortogether with top ranking officials of the Ministry of Secondary Education, the official ceremonial ground of Mbandjock witnessed a massive turnout of pupils, students, teachers, education stakeholders and partners for the occasion.

Celebrated under the theme “Bilingualism: a window to cultures and technologies, a human capital development tool for the emergence of Cameroon.” Students and pupils from the Centre Region took turns in gracing the event with a variety of sociocultural activities ranging from bilingual news presentations, sketches and traditional dances from the four cultural areas of Cameroon. These presentations showcased the important role bilingualism plays in the sociocultural and economic growth of the country.


The Mayor of Mbandjock,Madam Angele Nya Ngo’o, in herwelcomenote underscored that the mastery of English and Frenchare a source of the sociocultural and economic development of society. She urged learners to take advantage of this for the consolidation of living together and social wellbeing.

The mastery of both official languages facilitates the integration of learners into other cultures and widens their knowledge in information and communication technologies as well as renders them more productive in the professional world.

Mr. EKO SAMA Robert, Inspector-Coordinator General in charge of the Teaching and Promotion of Bilingualism in the Ministry of Secondary Education in his message said “on the instructions of her Excellency Professor Nalova LYONGA, Minister of Secondary Education all schools were involved in a competition involving the production of a Bilingual School Magazine wherein students express themselves in the official languages. Through these magazines, our students have displayed their linguistic and journalistic talents. Following the evaluation by National Pedagogic Inspectors, 03 schools stood out; Adonai College in Douala, GBHS Bayele in Bamenda and GHS Bafoussam.”

He also emphasized that to ensure the constant practice of bilingualism in schools all over the country, “all regional inspectors are to ensure that, the bilingual game is practiced by teachers and that the language clubs are created and operate effectively in all schools. They are called upon to appoint a vice principal in charge of bilingualism in schools where this is not the case. They are also called upon to organize weekly bilingualism day during which all students as well as teaching and administrative staff speak their second official language.”

This launching ceremony also saw the award of prizes to 20top scholars and 06 teachers of the Upper-Sanaga Division who had recorded outstanding performances insome subjects.

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The Secretary of State and his entourage proceededthereafter with the reception of a newly constructed and equipped scientific laboratory offered by the National Sugar Refinery Company (SOSUCAM) to Government Bilingual High School Mbandjock.


K. T. Lois Ngek


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