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Meeting with Budding Entrepreneurs from Secondary Schools

Government Technical High School Foumban was the place to be on Thursday, 9 March 2023, to appreciate the inventive spirit of secondary school students.

This was during the official launch of the 2023 Edition of Technical and Vocational Education Open/Business Days, chaired by Prof Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, in the presence of Awa Fonka Augustine, Governor of the West Region, and other top officials of the Ministry of Secondary Education.

This 30th edition of Technical and Vocational Education Open/Business Days was organised under the theme: “Open/Business Days: Showcasing made-in-Cameroon products through inclusive, pluralistic and quality education, resilient to Cameroon’s industrial, technological and environmental challenges”. It was an opportunity for secondary school students to showcase their know-how and inventiveness in various specialties, including Architectural Design, Building and Construction, Computing, Handicrafts, Home Economics, as well as Tertiary Sciences and Technologies.

JPO 1 2023 JPO 2 2023

At Foumban, the City of Arts, Professor Nalova Lyonga and her delegation were particularly impressed with the genius of students from Government Bilingual High School Zenmeh who designed a smart vehicle with the ability to dodge obstacles, using their knowledge in Computer programming and Physics. The main idea behind the project is to reduce road accidents and resulting human casualties.

JPO 3 2023

Other worthwhile projects developed by students included the production of biogas by students from Government Technical High School Mbouda, the production of fuel from plastic waste by students from Government Technical High School Bafoussam and the design and development of a mini hydropower plant by students from Government Technical High School Babone who were awarded the first regional prize for this project.

JPO 4 2023 JPO 5 2023

The visit of stands at the end of the formal ceremony provided a deeper insight into students’ mastery of culinary arts, computer management and architectural design as well as handicrafts with bamboo-made stools and woven raphia palms for roofs. These are all clear evidence of a flourishing Secondary Technical and Vocational Education which is effectively preparing students for a smooth integration into the business world. In this regard, Professor Nalova Lyonga requested schools “to become reliable production centres”.

Aimé Ngidjol

Senior Staff/CELCOM

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