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MINESEC and the World Bank meet to discuss about SESDP (PADESCE)

The Minister of Secondary Education, Prof. Nalova Lyonga, granted an audience to Cheick F. Kanté, World Bank Country Director, and his delegation on Friday 06th October 2023. The discussions were centred around the implementation of the Secondary Education Skills and Development Project (SESDP).

06 10 2023 01 World Bank

This audience which comes after MINESEC and the World Bank staff worked together in commission some days ago, aimed at assessing some key aspects (financial, institutional…) in the implementation of SESDP. Worth mentioning is the fact that SESDP is an initiative of the Government of the Republic of Cameroon implemented with the support of the World Bank. The two parties discussed the progress of the project as well as the ways to overcome the various challenges they face in its implementation. One of the challenges raised during this meeting was the case of primary school pupils intending to access secondary schools but restrained by the lack of birth certificates.

 SESDP aims to improve equitable access to quality secondary education and technical and vocational training adapted to the market, with an emphasis on girls. This justifies one of the key questions discussed during the meeting: How do we support girls, quickly and effectively?

06 10 2023 02 World Bank

MINESEC considers SESDP a mean to update and upgrade teachers’ skills to meet the requirements of modern teaching (with distance education and the use of the white board for example): “We want to use PADESCE to bring in the modern aspect of distance education, updating teachers’ skills, using modern board.” the Minister said.

The meeting ended on a positive note of hope for good outcomes from this project. “We want to be alongside your efforts.” Cheik Kanté said during the meeting, “Our aim is to support human capital in education in Cameroon.”


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