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Professor Nalova Lyonga expresses satisfaction with the effective unfolding of classes in some schools in the Centre Region for the second term of the 2023-2024 academic year.


In response to the Head of State’s message to teachers in his end-of-year 2023 and New Year 2024 address to the nation and focusing on teachers’ disenchantment in some secondary schools in the course of the first term of the 2023-2024 academic year, the Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Nalova Lyonga undertook visits to five secondary schools in the Centre Region, on Wednesday, 17 January 2024.

The visit aimed to provide Professor Nalova Lyonga with unfiltered insights into the unfolding of the second term, allowing for a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by the educational community, and take necessary actions to ensure the smooth functioning of the education system.

Delving into the agenda of the day, the first stop was at Government Bilingual High School Ngoa-Ekelle, where in the company of the Secretary of State for MINESEC, Mr. BAYAOLA Boniface, the Secretary General of MINESEC, Professor Pierre Fabien NKOT, and other collaborators of her ministerial department, the Minister of Secondary Education was filled with satisfaction that classes were not disrupted in this institution.


Moving through Government High School Nkol-Eton and Government Bilingual Technical High School Nlongkak, the team learned with utmost satisfaction that not only have classes effectively resumed for the course of the second term, but activities in these two institutions, like the first, were going on hitch-free.

On the campus of Government High School Ahala, Professor Nalova Lyonga was being reliably informed of the smooth unfolding of classes and the successful registration of final year students for their end of course certificate exams.

The final stop was at Government High School Ngoumou in the Mefou-and-Akono Division. The visit provided an opportunity to engage with the staff, understand the impact of the strike and evaluate recovery efforts. Learning from this interaction that 65 out of 97 members of staff were on strike during the first term, Professor Nalova Lyonga and her team entreated the staff to identify any residual challenges and gauge the effectiveness of the measures taken to compensate for lost instructional time.

The visit conducted by the Minister of Secondary Education demonstrated a proactive approach towards evaluating the unfolding of the second term. By bypassing formalities and gaining unfiltered insights, Professor Nalova Lyonga was able to assess the challenges and successes faced by the educational system. This initiative underscores MINESEC’s commitment to ensuring the quality and effectiveness of secondary education in Cameroon.

In a note of appraisal of the tour, Professor Nalova Lyonga stated: “I am very glad that classes have started as well as we expected them to start…”, a firm reassurance of the fact that teachers are aligning to the Head of State’s message, even though measures against defaulters are envisaged.


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