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“Not only are we organizing games, we are also organizing academics during FENASSCO League "A"Games, Mokundange-Limbe 2024", Professor Nalova Lyonga.

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    Day 1 - Personal Development

Within the framework of the FENASSCO League “A” Games, the common meal is a moment of communion between the Minister of Secondary Education and the delegations from the ten regions of Cameroon. It is in this light that a common meal was offered on Tuesday, March 2, 2024. It was a moment of come together in the course of which came an educative talk on personal development delivered by Mary Litumbe and the famous Cameroonian artist, Sally Nyollo. The highlight was on the word “FOCUS” which Mary Litumbe explained as “follow a cause until successful”. Using the example of the eagle, she encouraged the students to have a target and stay on a particular course until they obtain the expected positive results.

Sally Nyollo’s story about the young girl and the frog was used as an illustration to teach the students about the importance of perseverance and determination in order to achieve one’s goal.

Day 2 – Growth Mindset and Menstrual Hygiene

In line with Professor Nalova Lyonga’s declaration that “Not only are we organizing games, we are also organizing academics”, the same activity took place on day 2, i.e. on Wednesday, 3rd April 2024, with ‘Growth mindset and’ and Menstrual Hygiene’ being the topics of discussion.

Firstly, Dr. Patrick Okwen’s drilling on “Menstrual Hygiene”, focused on raising awareness in men as partakers in menstrual hygiene management, stating the role they have played and contributions that they have made to promote the “Clean School Policy”. He encouraged the girl child to attend school freely during her monthly flow.

Next, was Mr. Lee Jean who entreated the students on what he titled ‘Change Your Mindset’. He alluded to the Korean Development Story, emphasizing the notion of looking beyond one’s limitations and seeing the opportunity in the impossible.

The artist Sally Nyollo employed the story telling technique in order to pass across a message to the student. From the story titled “Zayene” meaning ‘avoiding early pregnancies’ which recounts the story of a girl child who was betrothed to an old man before her birth. She subsequently was forced to get married to the man and later died during childbirth. The moral lesson from the story is to prevent early pregnancies, stop early marriages and promote all that can give the girl child equal opportunities as the boy.

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