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The emblems of the Games monument

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The monument commemorating the 24th edition of the FENASSCO League «A» National Finals stands with a dignified and commanding presence, occupying a prominent position within the confines of Government High School Limbe. The stele, comprising an elevated open book supported by two arcs of varying heights, one adorned with a canoe flanked by four paddles, captivates the attention of passersby along SONARA Street in the Mile 2 neighbourhood of Limbe.

This architectural masterpiece depicts the history of Limbe, the City of Friendship and host of the Games, during its earliest encounters with the outside world, particularly the West. The canoe, a quintessential means of transportation shared by all the Sawa peoples of Cameroon, played a pivotal role in facilitating this initial contact, carrying the White man and his literary knowledge. Hence, the book symbolises the paramount channel for transmitting knowledge and wisdom through the magic of writing.

In addition to being the City of Friendship, Limbe is also a pioneer in educating young girls in Cameroon, exemplified by the legendary Saker Baptist College. This secondary school for girls was established in 1962 by Baptist missionaries. The book and the boat, represented in the monument, symbolise the epic history of the city, marking the opening of the Cameroonian education system to the world and its deep connection to national socio-cultural realities.

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